Feast Fab Collab

Feast Portland wanted to do something extra special to celebrate our fifth birthday, so we asked six of our top participating artisans and chefs to create limited edition, one-of-a-kind Feast Portland-Inspired items that include PNW ingredients and chef collaborations! Most of these items are available online and in select retail locations.

Our #FeastFab5 Makers:

Xocolatl de Davíd – Chocolate collaborations with:

Available for purchase at www.xocolatldedavid.com

QUIN – A little pillow of candy that kind of sparkles with a tiny effervescence. It’s cherry flavored and contains Oregon cherries, to be more purely Oregon. Available for purchase at www.quincandy.com

Wiz Bang Bar from Salt & Straw – featuring a special sundae which highlights some of their favorite local ingredients: bananas soaked in brown sugar and Portland-made rum from Eastside Distillery, Steven Smith Tea soft serve, chocolate mousse, Oregon huckleberry sauce and Freddy Guys’ hazelnuts. This was sold during Feast week only.

Pok Pok Som – featuring Oregon Strawberry and Thai Basil Som. Available for purchase at www.pokpoksom.com

Stumptown Coffee Roasters – featuring Stumptown Coffee and The Commissary PDX mind-blowing cold brewed coffee sodas made in-house. The Salty Henry and The Tonty were sold in select Portland retail cafes during Feast week only.

Olympia Provisions and Pok Pok – featuring a special sausage collaboration between Elias Cairo and Andy Ricker. Available for purchase at www.olympiaprovisions.com

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